Specific Activities in Forestification Conducted by NFA

1. Organized many awareness raising interaction workshops in forest certification. Half day such workshops were conducted during 2004 and 2005. These workshops were participated by government organization such as Ministry of Forests and Soil Conservation, Department of Forests, District Forest Offices, development partners, different forestry projects and non-governmental organizations

2 . Forest Certification Awareness Raising Program 2003-2004, supported by SNV. This programme had established an adhoc national working group in forest certification and had prepared basic information to hold first national stakeholders workshop in forest certification.

3. Conducted forest certification awareness raising and local standard preparation training in Pataliya in May and June 2006 participated by DFO, AFO, DDC officials and user groups. The objectives of the training was to make government officials and forest user groups aware in forest certification and supporting user groups to initiate forest certification. The training was attended by 25 personnel coming from Regional Forest Directorate, District Forest Offices, BISEP-ST, Community Forest User Groups and Collaborative Forest User Groups.

The contents of the training were basic information in forest certification, process of forest certification, group certification, standards development, chain of custody certification, etc.

4. NFA is hosting Forest Certification National Working Group; the organization is mandated for developing national forest certification standards of Nepal from social, economic and environmental perspectives. The group has 6 members representing social, economic and ecological chambers.

5. NFA is also implementing a project “Forest Certification National Standards Development” supported by UNDP/GEF/SGP.
The broad objectives of the project are:

  • Objective 1: Develop holistic activity plan for the national working group
  • Objective 2: Formulate national standards for sustainable forest and forest certification that are acceptable to national and international arena;
  • Objective 3: Facilitate and conduct action research and pilot programmes to test the relevance national forest certification standards at least in three eco-regions;
  • Objective 4: Establish linkage and get accreditation from international certification authorities and institutions like FSC and other relevant institutions;
  • Objective 5: Share and learn experiences in forest certification in national and international level through workshop and seminars

The project is expected to receive support from other development partner working in forestry and concerned field. NFA has 3 staff supporting for this project and number of volunteers.